Lamont Walker, Associate Pastor

This singer, musician, preacher, author, and much more is a native of Kansas City, MO. His parents established him on a foundation rich in the love of God and gospel music. Continuing in his musical heritage, LaMont has learned multiple instruments and perfected his gift of music. He’s been blessed to share the stage with artists such as The Kansas City Boys Choir, The Harlem Boys Choir, Richard Smallwood, Dorinda Clark-Cole, and many others! LaMont is a graduate of the Southeast High School (1999) and the University of Missouri-Columbia (B.A. in Music Performance 2005). He celebrates many accomplishments. Some include 1st place victory at the national BSU retreat choir competition, four years directing the LBC gospel choir (MU), founding His Word His Way ministry, & releasing his first book “Internal Pieces.”

In 1999 LaMont connected to the ministry of Bishop Dr. R. L. Freeman, where he remains submitted and covered. Under Bishop Freeman’s tutelage, LaMont received his ministry license in 2004, ordination as Elder in 2005, and elevation to the position of General Overseer in 2009. He serves as overseer of music & performing arts for his church, United Community Cathedral, and the fellowship, Christians Equipping Christians for Outreach (Presiding Prelate-Bishop Dr. R. L. Freeman, Metropolitan-Bishop Larry D. Trotter). On October 5, 2014 Bishop Freeman appointed LaMont to serve as assistant pastor of United Community Cathedral and he was officially installed in August, 2015. Gen. Overseer Walker has traveled across America spreading the good news of the Gospel through anointed music, preaching, and teaching. He continues to do so under the leading of the Holy Ghost, praying that all would have a God-experience as a result of his dedication to the Kingdom, serving in the Levitical Order.

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Twitter: @MyJazzyRiffs
YouTube: LeviticalMont