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  • Apostle Russell L. Freeman

    Bishop Russell FreemanApostle Russell Freeman was born on January 27, 1948 in Boonville, MO to Deacon and Sister Clarence Freeman.  His ministry began in 1975 after accepting his call while serving on the Sheriffs Department of Jackson County, Missouri.  Apostle Freeman’s first sermon was preached in January of 1976 at Emmanuel Baptist Church of Kansas City, Missouri where Bishop Dr. W. H. White is the Senior Pastor. Following the Call of the Lord, Reverend Freeman served under the ministries of the late Bishop Emmanuel Newton – Christian Tabernacle (COGIC), and Bishop Charles Slayton (Metropolitan Spiritual Church).  Following a move to Wichita, Kansas Reverend Freeman and his family soon began worshipping at Tabernacle Church, and then New Jerusalem Baptist Church.  Continuing to follow the Call of God on his life, Reverend Freeman and his family returned to Missouri and in time was installed as the pastor of the United Community Missionary Baptist Church of Columbia, MO on July 15, 1984. More about Apostle Freeman…

  • Apostle LaMont Walker

    LaMont WalkerThis singer, musician, preacher, and author is a native of Kansas City, MO. His parents established him on a foundation rich in the love of God and gospel music. Continuing in his musical heritage, LaMont has learned multiple instruments and perfected his gift of music. In 1999 LaMont connected to the ministry of Bishop Dr. R. L. Freeman, where he remains submitted and covered. On October 5, 2014 Bishop Freeman appointed LaMont to serve as assistant pastor of United Community Cathedral, and he was officially installed in August, 2015. Gen. Overseer Walker has traveled across America spreading the good news of the Gospel through anointed music, preaching, and teaching. He continues to do so under the leading of the Holy Ghost, praying that all would have a God-experience as a result of his dedication to the Kingdom, serving in the Levitical Order. More about Lamont Walker…

    Ministry Positions:

    • United Community Cathedral, Apostle
    • Voices of Power & Glory, Director


  • Bishop Damian Dean

    Damian DeanGeneral Overseer Dean is the eldest son of John and Frankie Dean. Overseer is a native of St. Louis, but has lived in Columbia since 1998. He was licensed as minister on March 28, 2004 under the ministry of Bishop Dr. R. L. Freeman of United Community Cathedral. He was ordained an Elder in the body of Christ, the following June of 2005. He currently serves at as UCC’s Administrator and the Executive Director of the UCC’s outreach ministry United Community Builders. Last, but not least, Overseer Dean is a proud husband and father.

    Ministry Positions:

    • United Community Cathedral, Bishop
    • United Community Builders, Executive Director
    • Audio/Visual Team, Director
  • Bishop Linda Moss

    Linda Moss General Overseer Moss is a native of Lexa, Arkansas and is the daughter of Lorin Bogan-Wyatt. She has resided in Columbia, Missouri since 1996 and is currently employed as a Reimbursement Specialist for University of Missouri Health System. She is the proud mother of two wonderful children, Johnnie and Takisha and is also the grandmother of five beautiful granddaughters. Under the leadership of Bishop, Dr. Russell L. Freeman, of United Community Cathedral, General Overseer Moss was licensed to proclaim the Gospel in 1998 and ordained in 2001. She severs as Director of the Helps Ministry, Director of Intercessory prayer and is a faithful member of the financial committee.

    Ministry Positions:

    • United Community Cathedral, Bishop
    • Ministry of Helps
    • Intercessory Prayer
  • Rance Austin

    Rance AustinIn March 1999, General Overseer Austin was licensed as a minister to preach and teach the Gospel with power and in truth under the leadership of his father in the ministry, Bishop Russell L. Freeman. In June 2000 he was elevated and ordained as Youth Pastor in the ministry, and in September 2009 the Lord again moved in his life and promoted him to the position of Overseer. In March 2013 he was appointed to serve as Evangelist and in August 2014 he was appointed as General Overseer. Rance is the founder and visionary of Empowered to Live Ministries, which emphasizes healing and building people from the inside out. Empowered to Live Ministries includes the Hospital Ministry H.E.L.P., Daughter of The King, It’s Your Time To Be Set Free, and an upcoming mentor program for undervalued Black males. He is married to his wife of seventeen years – Karren, and is the father of one daughter Keiyana, proud grandfather of Charleigh-Grace and godfather of Jahzeil.

    Ministry Positions:

    • United Community Cathedral, General Overseer & Evangelist
    • Jail Ministry, Director
    • Daughter of The King


  • Pastor Alex Plummer

    Alex PlummerGeneral Overseer Alexander Plummer has spent 20+ years in various aspects of ministry. He was licensed to preach the Gospel in January 2009 and ordained March 2013. Plummer can be found helping where needed & currently serves as Bishop Freeman’s adjutant. As Director of Christian Education for United Community Cathedral, he has the opportunity to lead a team of people diving into God’s word, shedding light into dark places.

    Ministry Positions:

    • United Community Cathedral, Youth Pastor
  • Bishop David Stevens

    David StevensGeneral Overseer D. Stevens, Sr. was born February 10, 1979 in Fairfax, VA to Bishop Michael M. and Lady Andrea R. Stevens. He accepted his call to ministry in 2005 while serving as a Staff Sergeant in the Marines and was ordained in 2009. Elder Stevens moved his family to Columbia, Missouri in 2010 for the express purpose of continuing in service at United Community Cathedral and learning from his spiritual father, Apostle Freeman. Currently at United General Overseer Stevens is the first assistant to Bishop R.L. Freeman, General Overseer of Minister’s Fellowship and Director of Protocol & Adjutancy.

    Ministry Positions:

    • United Community Cathedral, Bishop
    • Minister’s and Elder’s Fellowship
    • Transportation
  • Debra Stubbs

    Deborah HarveyOverseer Debra L. Stubbs accepted her calling into ministry under the leadership of Bishop Darrell D. Luther and Evangelist Jennifer May. Stubbs was License as a Minister of the Gospel in the Lord’s Church in 2005. She was later ordained and elevated to Elder in April, 2008. Her objective is to continue to study the Word of God, in order to be able to teach and preach the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thus in June of 2012, she received her Masters of Biblical Studies from the Brewster Theological Clinic and School of Religion, Inc. in Memphis, TN. In 2014 she was elevated to Overseer by Apostle Russell L. Freeman where she continues to strive for spiritual excellence.

    Ministry Positions:

    • United Community Cathedral, General Overseer
    • Women of I Am Ministries


  • Secily Devese

    Secily DeveseSecily is a member of the United Community Cathedral first family and a granddaughter of Bishop Freeman.  She graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Personal Financial Planning. As a member of UCC since birth, she’s been involved in the church in several capacities.  She’s been a member of the choir since 2012 and currently serves as the church secretary.

    Ministry Positions:

    • United Community Cathedral, Secretary
    • Voices of Power & Glory, Business Administrator

About United Community Cathedral

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United Community Cathedral’s mission is to build and release capable people for Kingdom Work. This is accomplished through the operation of the five-fold ministry as instructed in Ephesians 4:11-12. Building and Releasing Capable people to meet the needs of the surrounding community, thus builds a capable community. Fulfilling this mission will continue to be United’s primary focus.


The vision of United Community Cathedral is to share our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ with the World as instructed in St. Matthew 28:19-20. Winning lost souls through strategic evangelism is the reason for our existence. Training and equipping new and current members of the body of Christ to be built up and released for Kingdom work is our main focus.

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